COVID-19 Updates


Good Morning Members, 
First, we want to thank everyone for the the past few weeks; we have all faced new challenges as we adapt to meet local and state requirements to re-open the range and everyone has worked together to get to where we are today. 

As we shared before, Florida and Seminole County continue to work through their reopening plans and return life to a degree of normalcy, and so do we. Here is a list of changes that you can expect. 
Effective Thursday 5/21: 

  • We will return to our normal guest/family policy. Please remember that there is limited space on the range to maintain proper social distancing and your guest will need to stay in your area. 
  • The benches will be available again BUT they do not individually meet the 6 foot distancing requirements. Thus, one group per bench. (a group is your shooting party that you would expect to be exposed to). 
  • Remember, you MUST still supervise your guest and you assume all exposure risks for being in close proximity to your shooting party. 
  • Please remind your guest to maintain proper distance from other shooters, guests and staff while at the range. 
  • Mask/face covering – While actively shooting and in your lane, you MAY remove your face covering to help prevent fogging of your shooting glasses. It is YOUR responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of your face covering. Make sure you are cautious that the inside does not become soiled or contaminated with shooting residue. 
  • When you are setting targets, arriving/departing, supervising your guest, or another activity where you are not actively engaged in shooting and may encounter another member, guest or staff, your mask or face covering IS STILL REQUIRED 


  • Trap opens at Chuluota Sportsmens’ Club May 21, beginning at 4PM. 
  • Face masks are required, except while on the line shooting. 
  • Please consider bringing a lawn chair, as seating will be very limited due to the 6ft social distance rules. Family units will be allowed to sit together. 
  • We will continue to request payment for trap via credit or debit cards to reduce the amount of money handling. 
  • Credit cards will receive the cash discount rate for trap and shotgun ammo. 
  • Cash will be accepted for reloading supplies and normal rates apply for credit cards. 
  • As of now, we are expecting to host our monthly ATA match. Cash will be accepted for ATA. 
  • Please don’t bunch up at the registration table.  

As we have done over the past few weeks, we will continue to evaluate conditions and will make changes as needed.  

Members – Please ensure you read this entire message, as there are a number of procedural changes and a new lability waiver that MUST be signed. 

The CSC officers and board of directors have been following the progress on the COVID-19 virus and the impact to our state. This past week Governor DeSantis has issued a Phase 1 Executive Order easing the Safer at Home Requirements that go into effect on Monday, May 4th. As a result, we are moving forward with plans to reopen the range on Tuesday, May 5th. Please note – At any point things could change; for example, we could see a spike in reported cases that might cause the need to reinstate some of the prior limitations or re-close the range.

Once we reopen there will be some operational changes that are either in line with current federal, state or county recommendations or things that we feel are in the best interests of the membership and RSO staff that are supporting the range. As we continue through the weeks ahead, some of these changes could be further relaxed or strengthened. As things continue to develop, we may not send additional emails for minor changes. It is important that you regularly check the website and Facebook page. 


Once we reopen ALL Normal Range Rules will be in effect, along with the following changes: 

The property in general – 

  • A new waiver must be completed prior to using the range by all participants. It can be done online here: WWW.CSCWAIVER.COM  
  • If you are feeling sick in any way… STAY HOME and away from others. Remember to seek out medical professionals as needed. 
  • Should you show up to the range exhibiting ANY symptoms of ANY illness, the RSO WILL politely ask you to leave the range and not return until you are well again. If you have concerns about this, email us directly at BUT in the abundance of caution, we will ask you to leave the range as well. As a reminder, failure to follow the RSO instructions can result in the suspension of your membership. 
  • Masks that cover your nose and mouth will be required when on the property for the foreseeable future. This does NOT need to be an N95 mask; please reserve those for medical personnel working directly with those infected or those that have special medical needs. Your mask can be be something as simple as a cloth cover. We understand that these basic masks are not intended to stop particles but rather to slow them down, thus less distance traveled or reduce the quantity. We will closely monitor the progression in the state and will relax this at some point. 
  • Sign-in will occur at the RSO house window that faces parking lot. You will be advised if there is a wait for a particular lane, and you will need to provide the RSO with your name and phone number and return to your car while you wait for your lane. The RSO will call you when your lane is ready.    
  • There will be NO guests permitted for the initial reopening. We will track volume of traffic to determine when we can permit guests again. This is to ensure members will have first access to the range. When guests are allowed again, YOU will STILL be responsible for supervising your guest. If you bring a guest, you understand that you will be in close proximity of this person and assume all risks associated. 
  • You will be limited to 1 qualified member of your family (as defined by family membership) at a time on the range. This, too, will be relaxed as we progress through the weeks.  
  • Please be mindful of touch surfaces – we will be cleaning touch surfaces throughout the day. 
  • Wash your hands frequently. 
  • If you are in one of the high risk groups as described by the CDC or WHO, you might consider not coming out to the range.
  • Maintain a 6 foot personal space buffer. 
  • Only one restroom will be open during a given period of time to reduce cleaning – a sign will be placed on the closed restroom. 
  • NO cash will be accepted, only credit cards. While some ammo prices have increased due to supply and demand, all prices on ammo will reflect the cash discounted prices (does not apply to reloading components). There will be a minimum of $5.00 per charge. This means that if you need to buy targets or safety flags – you will need to buy at least 5. 

RSO House/Supply room  –  

  • This will be off limits to non-staff 

On the line (there are some significant changes) –

  • We will be temporarily implementing an “every other bay” limitation; 50% lane usage. You will be assigned a lane that has been cleaned by the RSO upon check-in. 
  • You will have 1 hour and 5 minutes to shoot. This allows time to set targets and will ensure that if there is a wait due to limited capacity, others can shoot as well. If there is no one waiting to use a particular lane, the RSO may allow you to shoot longer at their discretion. A timer will be placed at each lane to denote your remaining lane time, or time until the lane can be used again after cleaning. If a wait forms for the lane you are on, and you have already used your 1 hour shooting period, you will be given 10 minutes to complete your shooting and then will need to vacate the lane.   
  • There will be spray bottles with liquid bleach on the line. RSOs will spray the bench after shooting and set a 15 minute time to allow the bleach time to dry. 
  • Paper towel dispensers have been installed on the line. It is your responsibility to ensure your lane is dry before using it. Do not get bleach on your clothing, firearms or shooting bags as it can damage them and CSC will not be held responsible. 
  • STAY at your assigned lane. Please don’t wander the line or enter other shooters’ personal space (6 foot distancing).
  • You may formally request a different lane ONLY if there is no one waiting by speaking with the RSO – if a wait forms for the lane you are on, and you have already used your 1 hour shooting period, you will be given 10 minutes to complete your shooting and need to vacate the lane.  
  • The range will go cold on the hour and on the half hour for 5 minutes to set targets. Be prepared and quickly change your targets. 
  • NO staplers will be provided, you must provide your own. 
  • Do NOT close any range doors, they will be blocked open.
  • Use the fans behind you. This can help keep a positive pressure under the firing line and help push anything out and away from the common area.
  • Youth/Children –  YOU will STILL be responsible for supervising your youth shooter. If you bring a youth shooter you understand that you will be in close proximity of them and assume all risks associated. 
  • Remember to maintain 6 foot buffers as best you can. 
  • Avoid sharing firearms and clean touch points as necessary. 
  • Clean your brass ONLY after your shooting period is complete or if brass becomes a slip/trip hazard. Please clean handles of brooms with the provided cleaner and paper towels. 
  • Benches along the back wall will be removed to prevent people from congregating and to allow for more space to walk down the line to your shooting lane while maintaining social distancing. If you have a mobility issue that prevents you from standing while the range is cold, the RSO may permit you to sit on your shooting bench with your back to your firearms to prevent the desire to handle firearms or ammo while the range is cold. All others will need to remain behind the yellow line and within the your shooting lane while the range is cold. 

Ammo Sales (There has been a rush in ammo, but this is typical with any major event like this in the past, and some prices have increased with what we have been able to get due to supply shortages with increased demand) –

  • Range ammo is available for purchase to be shot at the range. If you need ammo to shoot, you will be limited based on the caliber(s) you checked in with.  
  • Currently, our suppliers have limited to no common calibers in-stock. We will be monitoring this closely and will order more in as we can. 
  • 9MM, 45, 40 – limited to 1 – 50 round box 
  • 308 – limited to 3 – 20 round boxes 
  • 357 Sig – no limit 
  • CCI 22  – limited to 3 – 50 round boxes 
  • Federal 22 – limited to 1 325 round box 
  • 38 Special – no limit 
  • 380 – Limited to 1 – 50 round box 
  • PMC 223 – limited to 3 – 20 round boxes 
  • CCI Win Mag – limited to 2 – 50 round boxes 
  • American Eagle 556 – limited to 1 – 150 round box 

FFL Transfers –  

  • Plan accordingly – some online sellers are reducing their operations which can cause delays. At the same time, volume is going through the roof. 
  • Plan to wait – due to the volume of transfers being performed in the state, FDLE is facing some considerable delays. In some cases the wait has been well OVER 1 hour for an approval and we CAN NOT let you leave with the firearm until FDLE has issued an approval number. If the approval is taking an extended amount of time, you are welcome to come back at the next opportunity that we have, but it might not be the same day. 
  • Plan to be flexible with scheduling pickups. We want to limit the number of people that might be picking up at a given time so ALL pick-ups must be pre-scheduled 
  • You MUST ensure we have received a tracking number for all shipments 

Youth Team –

  • Youth activities will remain suspended.  

Trap – 

  • Trap is expected to resume on May 21st. *please remember that all dates are subject to change* 
  • We are REQUIRING that you avoid crowding the sign-in desk (one person at a time), and maintain a distance of 6 foot. 
  • DO NOT congregate under the pavilion and maintain a 6 foot buffer.
  • We MAY make the decision to move back from the 16 yard line to allow for more space between shooters. 
  • Cash will NOT be accept for trap fees, credit card ONLY. 

ATA – 

  • ATA will be on May 22nd. 

Silhouette Matches –

  • The May Match will be canceled 

Orientation – 

  • While this does not impact your existing membership, classes will now be limited to 9 people and held under the covered pavilion 
  • If you are a new member that has not yet received a scheduled orientation date – please contact James at 

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