Range Safety Rules



General Rules:
‐Shooting hours are 9:00 a.m. until closing. Closing time is posted at the front gate and adjusted seasonally.
‐Membership cards must be worn at all times while on club property.
‐Never lend your membership card or disclose the gate combination to anyone.
‐Upon entering the property all members and guests must check‐in with the Range Officer and show a photo ID.
‐Members are allowed a maximum of two guests per visit and must supervise their guests at all times.
‐Members are responsible for all damage done by themselves or their guests while on club property.
‐No alcoholic beverages are allowed on club property.
‐Members are not allowed on club property that are under the influence of alcohol, medication or any substance that is known to diminish or impair mental or physical abilities.

Firing Line Rules:
‐A green blinking light indicates a “cold” range. Lights off indicates a “hot” range. Change of status is indicated by a bell.
‐No handling of firearms while the range is cold. This includes carrying firearms between the car and the firing line.
‐Firearms must be UNLOADED and the ACTIONS OPEN when carrying firearms between the car, firing line, trap field and when moving from one shooting station to another.
‐Firearms must be pointed down range in a safe direction at all times.
‐When the range is cold all firearms must be UNLOADED and their ACTIONS in the open position.
‐No handling of magazines, clips or ammunition while the range is cold.
‐Only the Range Officer may change range status to hot or cold. The changing of status is indicated by a bell and light.
‐Eye and hearing protection must be worn at all times while on the firing line.
‐All rifle and pistol shooting must be done from the covered firing line.
‐Shotgun and archery shooting is confined to designated areas only. Check with Range Office before shooting.
‐Never shoot wooden or metal target support frames, posts or eyebrows.
‐Targets must be hung or setup away from target support frames and posts to prevent damage.
‐No cross lane shooting. Always shoot perpendicular to firing line.
‐ALL BULLETS MUST IMPACT THE DIRT BERMS – Bullets must not hit the ground in front of berms.
‐No rapid firing. There must be 3 seconds between all shots.
‐No combat or quick draw practice. No shooting from holsters.
‐Only uniformed law enforcement officers may carry holstered firearms on club property.

‐All targets must be approved by Range Safety Officer. No glass or metal tank targets may be used.
‐All metal targets must be place more than 40 meters from the firing line. This is to prevent return ricochet.
‐No ALCOHOLIC beverage containers may be used as targets.
‐No horizontal spinning metal targets may be used as targets.
‐No vertical spinning targets that deploy a target above the center pivot point may be used.
‐No exploding or incendiary targets may be used.
‐Targets must be placed in such a way that the shooter is able to see 12” inches of berm on all sides of the target.

Firearms and Ammunition:
‐No NFA Title II firearms or accessories ‐ No automatic or auto‐burst firearms.
‐No shotgun barrels shorter than 18 inches allowed on the range.
‐No shotgun barrels shorter than 22 inches allowed on the trap field, except for youth shotguns used by young shooters.
‐Shotgun, shot size must be 7½ or higher (7½, 8 or 9) for trap or when used with the portable clay target thrower.
‐Excessively heavy or loud loads may be restricted per Range Officers discretion.
‐No Armor Piercing (AP) bullets or tracer rounds allowed on range.

Revised May 2015

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