2023 Fall One & Done Trap League

Thursdays, September 28th – November 16th

Thursdays, 4pm, September 28th-November 16th

-8 Weeks, best out of 150 clays of your highest score out of 25 on your first 2 rounds of 25 shot on Thursday nights. If you shoot an 18 and a 23, you input the 23 score for that week’s submission.

-Your best 6 scores out of 8 weeks. You are able to miss 2 weeks out of the 8 weeks or simply drop your 2 lowest scores at the end of the 8 weeks.

-There will be only 1 Group.

-This will be a very level and competitive Group. In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden death shootout.

-$30 entry per person – $25 goes to the prize pot, $5 goes to CSC Youth Program.

Additional dates (Thursdays) will be added if there is a rainout or event in which all shooters do not have the fair chance to shoot. Not showing up is not considered missing a fair chance to shoot.