For questions about membership please contact Current Members: Renewal applications are due by February 28, 2021. If renewal applications are not submitted by February 28, 2021, you will need to rejoin as a new member. 2021 Renewal-Application.

New Members:

Annual Membership Dues: $165  
Application & Impact Fee: $65 One time, as long as you maintain your membership
Total $230  

Membership Requirements:

    • Read Range Rules
    • Completed Membership Application – 2021 Application.
    • Proof of Gun Safety Training
    • Current NRA Membership
    • Attend and complete New Member Orientation (held at the range, availability last updated on 5/11/21):
      • September 1st 7pm  
      • September 19th 2pm  
      • October 6th 7pm  
      • October 17th 2pm 
      • November 3rd 7pm  
      • November 21st 2pm 
      • December 1st 7pm  
      • December 19th 2pm  

If you join between April 1 and December 31 your membership dues for the current year are prorated. You will be required to pay dues for the next year’s membership if you join the club between October 1 and December 31. However, if membership dues are increased for the next year, you will not be required to pay the increase. Schedule:

January through March April through   June July through September October through December
$165  Current Year
$65 Application & Impact Fee

$230 Total Due 
$124 Current Year
$65 Application & Impact Fee


$189 Total Due

$83 Current Year
$65 Application & Impact Fee
$148 Total Due

$42 Current Year
$65 Application & Impact Fee
$165 Next Year’s Dues

$272 Total Due

Not an NRA member? Please add $35 if CSC is to apply for your NRA membership. Or click below and sign up online, please include the confirmation email with your membership application. All applicants must provide proof of NRA membership or CSC must submit your NRA application. All applicants must provide proof of firearms safety training (See Application).   For questions related to membership, please contact


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