Chuluota Sportsmen’s Club Admission of Minors Policy

  1. Minors are all person(s) who are under the age of 18.
  2. If a minor is to be admitted and is accompanied by their legal parent or legal guardian, the electronic minor waiver must be completed and signed by said legal parent or guardian within the past 12 months.
  3. If a minor is to be admitted and is accompanied by someone OTHER THAN their legal parent or legal guardian, we must be provided a duly signed and notarized letter of authorization from the minor’s legal parent or legal guardian, specifically authorizing, permitting and naming all authorized persons to accompany the minor onto the range. This letter must also state that the person acting as temporary guardian is authorized to make all medical decisions regarding the minor. Additionally, the digital waiver ( MUST be signed by the legal parent or legal guardian in advance.
  4. Unless the letter of authorization is in the form of a “blanket authorization”, specifically stating that it is to be valid for all future visits until the minor is 18, we will treat all letters of authorization as valid for a single visit, on the day that it is presented to us. 
  5. A copy of this consent form will be kept on file at Chuluota Sportsmen’s club, the original MUST be retained and brought each time the minor visits the property. 
  6. This consent will be considered effective until rescinded by the legal parent or legal guardian. To rescind this consent form, I MUST bring, in person, a letter stating that I wish to rescind my permission, along with the original signed and notarized copy of this document. The original copy of this document, along with the letter to terminate permission, will be retained for ONE year and then destroyed following standard document destruction processes.    
  7. No minor will be permitted to enter the range or remain on the premises unless the above conditions are met. 

Please download and use this template: Minor Permission Template