All memberships at Chuluota Sportsmen’s Club are considered a Family membership. A family is defined as the following: 

  • Legally recognized spouse, if last name does not match, address on government issued ID must match. 
  • Legally recognized domestic partnerships only if the address on a government issued ID matches. 
  • Minor children/dependents of the member under the age of 18 
  • Adult children/dependents of the member under the age of 25 when enrolled in an accredited degree seeking program (a college ID must be presented when checking in).* 
  • Adult children/dependents under the age of 25 who are active members of the military (a military ID must be presented when checking in). 

*Active college students could be eligible for a discounted stand-alone membership. See student membership page for details. 

The above category of people are considered to be covered under Chuluota Sportsmen’s Club Family Membership and will not incur a $5 ($10 starting on 3/1/2024) guest/daily membership fee. 

The member is responsible for supervising the family members at all times and will be permitted the use of 1 lane. The member may not be shooting at the same time as the family member. 

Spouse Membership 

The spouse described above is eligible for a membership card as well but MUST meet all membership requirements, including 3rd party firearm safety training, membership in one of the gun rights originations and attend orientation.  Spouse members must complete a membership application and renewal each year. 

Once a spouse has completed all requirements they will be issued their own membership card and be permitted use their own shooting lane in addition to the primary member. This includes the ability to supervise a shooter in addition to the primary member. 

There are no membership dues paid to the club for the spouse membership, however the spouse member is NOT eligible to vote in general elections. Spouse members may be eligible to hold a range position at the discretion of the Board of Directors, generally only permitted when there is a vacancy. 

Who is NOT covered as part of the Family Membership and subject to the daily membership/guest fee (not all inclusive): 

  • Your adult child over the age of 18 who is not a student 
  • Your father/mother/brother/sister/uncle/aunt/cousin
  • Your neighbor 
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend